Shelby County Community Theatre announces auditions for its Evening of Prize-Winning Contemporary One-Acts: CHAMBER MUSIC, by Arthur Kopit, on August 28 at 7:00 p.m.; and ALL IN THE TIMING, by David Ives, on August 29 at 7:00 p.m. Parts are available for men and women of all ages. Those auditioning will be asked to do cold readings from the script. Performance dates are October 14-16 and 21-23. CHAMBER MUSIC is directed by Dr. Jack Wann, and ALL IN THE TIMING is directed by Marc McHone. The theatre is located at 801 Main Street in Shelbyville. For more information, call 502-633-0222.

Parts available for CHAMBER MUSIC

Mrs. Mozart…a stereotype Jewish mother, lots of “Oy-vey”
Osa Johnson…a big game hunter, tough
Gertrude Stein…very defensive and stutters …is the Secretary (note-taker) for the group,
hates Joan of Arc
Pearl White..ditsy silent movie star
Amelia Earhart…..aviatrix, voice of reason, may actually BE Amelia
Queen Isabella of Spain…..veiled and mute until she lets loose with a big
 monologue about Columbus,  lots of mime work
Joan of Arc….in full regalia, carrying a six foot wooden cross, pouts a lot
Susan B. Anthony….runs things with her gavel, authority figure
2 Men’s parts- short roles (with one appearance each, but a long,
interesting monologue each time). Parts are well worth doing, not
just “walk-ons”.