Friends of SCCT

Thanks to everyone who gives so that SCCT may continue to create
opportunities for involvement in the Arts.

$1000 and up
Leon and Carol Beth Mooneyhan

The As Yet Unnamed Theatre Co.

City of Shelbyville
John and Linda Henry
Robert and Jennifer Hughes
John and Betty Motts
Sue D. Snider
Jeff and George Wilson

Paula Fangman
Gary and Mary Steinhilber

Shelby Energy Cooperative, Inc.

Sue Baker
Maggie Brandt
David Cook and Robin Chandler
Bob and Cindy Diemond
Farrier Product Distribution, Inc.
Sharon and Neil Hackworth
Dennis and Ann Horn
Mel and Kathy Letteer
Mary Jo Netherton
Les and Belinda Nichols
Paul and Stephanie Schmidt
Barbara and S.K. Zimmerman

Don and Anne Armstrong
Dennis and Carol Brent
Doug Butler and Jamie Jarboe
Ralph and Lois Carey
Mary Carroll
John Cox
Paula Cramer
Alice Delambre
Joyce Dotson
Elaine Hackett
Suellen Holloway
Bill and Joan Hundley
Phyllis T. Koch
Bill Leroy
Jane S. Martin
Michael McCollum
Mary Helen Miller
Dixon R. Perry
Mary Lou and Walt Reichert
Ricky Reinle
Margaret Sames
Philip and Carol Stine
Mike and Ann Tipton
Cheryl Van Stockum Photography
Carolyn and Bob Walters
Cathie Wiegand

Joanne Burke
Carolyn Chesher
Al and Diann Cook
Diane Fraker & Ron Hebner
Neal and Barbara Hammon
Darryl and Andrea Redmon
Ken and Elizabeth Slucher

Jill Hoskins
Arba Kenner
Ann Meyer
Marilee Raymond
Susan Weiss, Chet Miller and Joyce Weiss

Diane Black
Johnda Conley
Cheryl Craig
Amy Frederick-Cooper
Kimberly Hamlin
Jennifer Heigl
Sandra Heninger
Vaughn Hill
Joseph Krug
Angharad McEnteer
Kayla Polo
Freida Vinegar
Rebecca Wright



Lifetime Members
Mr. Roy Collings
Mr. & Mrs. William DuBourg, Jr.
Mrs. William H. Gallrein
Mr. & Mrs. Allen George, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Kirchdorfer
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Kirchdorfer
Mrs. Eve Lawson-Lewis
Mrs. Robert D. Logan
Mr. & Mrs. Ben G. Matthews
Mr. Gaines Matthews
Mrs. John B. Sanderlin
Mrs. Calvin T. Schmidt
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Stein
Mr. Gary Steinhilber
Mrs. Bernard M. Trager