By Patrick Hamilton
This is a thriller. Imagine Sherlock Holmes meets Alfred Hitchcock. Time Period: 1880
Directed by Dr. Jack Wann
Auditions are Sunday, March 31 and Monday, April l at 7:00 at the theatre. The show opens on May 10th. No prepared auditions are required. We will read from the script.

The director will be looking for:
Mrs. Manningham – late 20’s to early 30’s/once attractive but worn down by the mental abuse of her husband
Mr. Manningham – 30’s-40’s/suave and smooth, but has a slightly bitter and dangerous edge/well-spoken/overly well-dressed
Elizabeth – late 30’s to late 50’s/cook and housekeeper/perhaps a bit stout, amiable/she is the one who sets the solution to the mystery in action
Nancy, the maid – late teens to mid-20’s/she is saucy, sexy and a flirt who aspires beyond her station/will speak with Cockney accent but this is not required in the audition.
Rough – an ex-detective to play 50’s or 60’s/a bit of a character. Good comic timing and eccentric manner will be a plus.
Two Plainclothes Detectives appear at end of the play. Non-speaking but important to show solid authority.


By Paul Zindel
Directed by Clint Gill
April 7 and 8 at 7:00 p.m. at the theatre
5 female characters, ages range mid-thirties to mid-forties but could vary according to turnout and necessary casting. Those auditioning will be asked to do cold readings from the script.
Performance dates are June 7-9 and 14-16

Character descriptions:

Dede Cooper: “She is a gutsy, honest and striking Texas original. A true one-of-a-kind individual who delights in being charming and amusing and yet can be devastatingly intense and passionate if the occasion demands … what makes her even more attractive is that she can enjoy her own theatricality.”
Bella Gardner: “An attractive drinker, the kind of woman who always stars in the local musical of a small town – with the exception that she seems conscious of her destiny, dresses with expensive comment, and is wickedly calculating no matter how much she’s had to drink.”
Suits: “… a younger woman … she seems rather jolly and naive. She’s got a good cover on whatever neurotic impulses cause her to gorge herself, as she obviously does. Although she tries her best to be obsequious to all, there is a reservoir of power underneath it all.”
Joanne Remington: “Rich and powerful, a presence to be reckoned with. She’s a bit like a pacing animal whose primitive instincts are imprisoned by bars made of generations of social steel.”
Shirley Fuller: She is an actress who has risen from community theatre to Academy Award Nominee. And, whose star has subsequently fallen. “… everything about her is dramatic … She’s always ‘on.’ … well-spoken