Sponsors and Friends

Thanks to everyone who gives so that SCCT may continue to create opportunities for involvement in the Arts.

SCCT 2020-2021 Corporate Sponsors


Citizens Union Bank — Website Facebook
City of Shelbyville — WebsiteFacebook
Commonwealth Bank and Trust — WebsiteFacebook
Brig. Gen. R. R. Van Stockum
Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance — WebsiteFacebook
Little Mount Lavender Company — Website Facebook
Pediatric Dentistry of Shelbyville — WebsiteFacebook
ShelbyKY Tourism Commission and Visitors Bureau — Website Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Shelbyville Pharmacy — Website Facebook | Twitter
Tom McGinnis

Upstairs at 801

Andriot’s Paint, Flooring, and Blinds — Website | Facebook
Debbie and Dan Ison
Doug Butler and Jamie Jarboe
Dr. Taunya and Brian Jasper
Dr. William Powers
Drs. William Bush and Molly Sullivan
Gary and Janey Walls
Gotta Dance Studio — Facebook
Jane Martin and Ashley Netherton
Jeffrey Wilson
John and Betty Motts
Lettleiki Icelandics — Website | Facebook | Instagram
Louise Riley
Plan Choice — Website | Facebook
Republic Bank and Trust — Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Thomas Law Offices — Website | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

Corporate Sponsors make it possible for Shelby County Community Theatre to continue to provide quality entertainment. From the Board of Directors, actors, production crews, and patrons, our heartfelt thanks for your support.

Friends of SCCT 2020-2021

Thanks to everyone who gives so that SCCT may continue to create
opportunities for involvement in the Arts.

Board Members and Staff of SCCT – 100% Participation

Board Members
Brian Jasper – President
Ann Tipton – Vice-President
Rick Reinle – Secretary
Cathie Wiegand – Treasurer
Tasha Conzelman
Christine Duke
Jenny Friedenberg
Jeanette Hicks
David King
Cyndi Powell-Skellie
Kaitlyn Stivers
Louise Riley
Caitlyn Stivers

Cheryl Van Stockum – Executive Director
Elizabeth Slucher – Office Administrator

Sara Aldridge
Molly & Montas Allen
AstraZenica Pharmaceuticals
Leigh Ann Barcellona
Kathleen Bariteau
Will Barnett
Christi Baunch
Traci Bird
Kathryn Bishop
Maggie Brandt & Bert Lyons
Dennis & Carol Brent
Rebecca Brewer
Linda Bullock
Bill Bush & Molly Sullivan
Joanne Burke & Gordon Rauch
Mary Carroll
Kathy Chaney
Larry Chaney
Keri & Pete Cinotto
City of Shelbyville
Mary Clark
Sarah Clark
Maria Conzelman
Al & Diann Cook
David Cook & Robin Chandler
Alice Delambre
Bob & Cindy Diemond
Christine & Michael Duke
Donna Dutton
Denise Emberton
Patricia Estes
Katie Fussenegger
Sandra & Terry Gabhart
Nancy Gall-Clayton
Jennifer Garrett
Clint Gill & Sacha Powers
MaryAnn & Keith Gramig
Bonnie Burks Gray
Elaine Hackett
Neil & Sharon Hackworth
Hall-Taylor Funeral Home
Corey Hall
Kim Hall
Mary Ann Hammond
Dan Hanlon
Dave & Bobbie Hardin
Delores Hayes
Heritage Farm
Bret Hopkins
Jill L. Hoskins
Tom Hynes
Ann Johnson
Barb & Fred Johnson
Emily & Jack Kees
Jann Keese
Jeanne & Greg Keith
Robert & Denise King
John Kleber
Phyllis T. Koch
Vicki Lambert
John & Carola Lina
Charles & Lucy Long
Todd Lowe
Mike Luvisi
Kerry & Debbie Magan
Darrell Mahone
Allie Hembree Martin
Michael McCollum
Tom McGinnis
Tim McReynolds
Anna Merry-Welcome
Mary Helen Miller
Larry Montalto
Leon & Carol Beth Mooneyhan
Mark Mueller
Greg & Kim Murphy
Lethia Nall
Les & Belinda Nichols
Deloris & Roger Odenweller
Bill Payne & Nancy Atcher
Erin Peirce
Jana Kay Peters
Kate Raisor
Tyler Rankin
David & Pam Ray
Dr. Mary Lou & Walt Reichert
Betty & Jimmy Richardson
Dr. Ed & Joanna Sames
Margaret Sames
Jeff Schilling
Paul & Stephanie Schmidt
Roger & Diane Shott
Erin Slone
Darlene Snow
Spray-Tec Inc.
Jennifer Starr
Stephanie Stephens
Phil & Carol Stine
Cheryl Stone
Bill & Debbie Stover
Courtney Richardson Sturgill
Drs. Marian & Stephen Taylor
Candy & Kirk Thomas
Valerie Timmons
John Tinsley
Cheryl Van Stockum Photography
Brig. Gen. R.R. Van Stockum
Freida Vinegar
Reggie Van Stockum
Christopher Waford
Carolyn & Bob Walters
Dr. Jack Wann
Mason Warren
Porter Watkins & George Robert Bailey
Ross Webb, Magistrate
Susan Weiss, Chet Miller & Joyce Weiss
Bill & Pat Wetherton
Ward Wilson
Jason Woodlief
Barb & S.K. Zimmerman

Please consider your Shelby County Community Theatre in your estate planning. A gift in your will is a generous way to continue your support of the theatre. Contact the theatre at 502-633-0222 for details.