“Let’s Get Real!” Podcast Series

Listen to a collection of  monologues and scenes from the works of Chekhov, Ibsen and Strindberg performed by talented SCCT actors in this 3-part podcast series. Episode 1, “Realism is Born!”, is available beginning April 5. You can also listen on Podbean.

Let’s Get Real! is sponsored by John and Betty Motts.

Episode 1  – Realism is Born!


Nora and Tovald – Antheia and Allen Schuler
Irina and Olga – MaryAnn Gramig and Jenny Friedenberg
Trofimov – Brandon Bunn
Jean and Julie – Candy Thomas and Lucas Bentley
Alice – Lethia Nall
Sonya and Helene – Shannon Leonard and Teresa Wentzel
Mrs. Alving – Leigh Ann Barcellona
Nina and Treplev – Hannah Barlow and Sam Borders

Episode 2 – Realism Finds Its Way!


Hilde and Solness – Emma Lambert and Marty Rosen
Uncle Vanya – Reggie Van Stockum
Andreyevna – Sharon Becher
Ivanov – John Lina
Regina and Engstrand – David Cook and Brooke Spatol
Jean – Patrick Dunbar
Hedda and Brack – Cheryl Van Stockum and Clint Gill
Solness – Reggie Van Stockum

Episode 3 – Realism Reaches Maturity!


Sasha and Ivanov – Sarah Beth Gomelsky and George Robert Bailey
Trigorin – Thomas Johnson
Stockmann and Peter – Ken Billings and Jeff Day
Sonya – Lethia Nall
Charlotta – Freida Vinegar
Helene – Jennifer Poliskie
Osvald and Mrs. Alving – Candace Kresse and Jeff Day
Vershinin – Ken Billings
Arkadina and Trigorin – Shelly Marquart Reid and Jeff Schilling

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“Shakespeare Saith…” podcast series is still available on Podbean.