“Let’s Get Real!” Podcast Series

Listen to a collection of  monologues and scenes from the works of Chekhov, Ibsen and Strindberg performed by talented SCCT actors in this 3-part podcast series. Episode 1, “Realism is Born!”, is available beginning April 5. You can also listen on Podbean.

Let’s Get Real! is sponsored by John and Betty Motts.

Episode One  – Realism is Born!


Nora and Tovald – Antheia and Allen Schuler
Irina and Olga – MaryAnn Gramig and Jenny Friedenberg
Trofimov – Brandon Bunn
Jean and Julie – Candy Thomas and Lucas Bentley
Alice – Lethia Nall
Sonya and Helene – Shannon Leonard and Teresa Wentzel
Mrs. Alving – Leigh Ann Barcellona
Nina and Treplev – Hannah Barlow and Sam Borders

Episode 2 – Realism Finds Its Way!


Hilde and Solness – Emma Lambert and Marty Rosen
Uncle Vanya – Reggie Van Stockum
Andreyevna – Sharon Becher
Ivanov – John Lina
Regina and Engstrand – David Cook and Brooke Spatol
Jean – Patrick Dunbar
Hedda and Brack – Cheryl Van Stockum and Clint Gill
Solness – Reggie Van Stockum

Episode 3 – Realism Reaches Maturity! – Available April 19


Sasha and Ivanov – Sarah Beth Gomelsky and George Robert Bailey
Trigorin – Thomas Johnson
Stockmann and Peter – Ken Billings and Jeff Day
Sonya – Lethia Nall
Charlotta – Freida Vinegar
Helene – Jennifer Poliskie
Osvald and Mrs. Alving – Candace Kresse and Jeff Day
Vershinin – Ken Billings
Arkadina and Trigorin – Shelly Marquart Reid and Jeff Schilling

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“Shakespeare Saith…” podcast is still available on Podbean.